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Blue words

Move your mouse computer mouse - not the animal!over a blue word for extra information.
In computer jargonspecial vocabulary for a job, the mouse pointer the little arrow that moves when you move the mouseis hovering over the word.

This exercise tests your ability how well you do somethingto tell the difference know the difference, differentiate between

/ ei / and / e /
vowel sounds

There are other
sentences to test
/ ei / and / e /. The button A computer 'button' is something you click on.below will choose another sentence randomlyrandom = unpredictable. It could be any sentence next..

For a trimmed down made smallerpage more suited better for to a small touchscreen device tap here.

Click on the speech bubbleused in cartoons to show someone speaking.

or try this ..

boy speaking

Is it   "I can't eat braid."
or     "I can't eat bread."

Listen to the recording above, then drag Press down the mouse button on the orange ovals and then move the words across the screen with the mouse. Try it! the correct word to the pink space to complete finish, make wholethe sentence.

I can't eat



Click on the pictures
to hear the words:
The phrase "The best thing since sliced bread" means "something new and wonderful".
Braid is a fancy tape like a ribbon used in upholsteryThe soft cushions and padding on armchairs.